Another Country, Not My Own

It’s not about finger-pointing.  It’s about

freedom under assault.

With each passing day, the country I grew up in seems to be vanishing.  Things are happening today that never would have been tolerated before.  Yet somehow, people just don’t seem to have the outrage they should.  This is not a partisan complaint about policy.  It’s about right and wrong, and they are things I would think all Americans would rally around.  Look over this list and tell me if you think what’s going on is not what we would approve of, or expect from, our democracy.

1)    Sweeping health care legislation that affects every American and every business was not passed by a simple up-down majority vote in Congress.

2)    Senator Chuck Schumer, in collaboration with the Center for Responsible Lending and hedge fund manager John Paulson, caused IndyMac Bank to collapse.  Nobody was investigated or charged.

3)    The First Amendment was trampled upon when the government seized Associated Press reporters’ information.

4)    The government targeted and spied on a specific reporter, James Rosen of FOX News, because they didn’t like his reporting.

5)    The government is collecting massive amounts of your personal information and communication, vastly exceeding the bounds of reason, while also declaring the war on terrorism is over.

6)    Companies that should resist such government spying are instead abetting it.

7)    The IRS specifically and maliciously targeted people whose political views differed from those of the government.

8)    During a terrorist attack in Benghazi, instead of immediately sending help to Americans under attack, that help was told (twice) to stand down.  4 Americans died (this story is going to get worse, by the way, I just can’t yet reveal why or how). There has been no special investigation or prosecutor assigned.

9)    The Supreme Court has trampled on the 4th Amendment by permitting law enforcement to collect your DNA if you arrested.

10) The CFPB – a government agency with no oversight, hired Leslie Parrish of the Center for Responsible Lending, a sworn opponent of payday lending, then let her write a policy paper on it, calling for increased regulation.

11) A Marine is not permitted to wear his uniform at his own graduation.

12) A deaf child who spells his name in sign language with a sign that “looks like a gun” is told to change how he spells his name.

13) An entire city is shut down in a manhunt for 2 suspected terrorists.  They are presumed guilty without a trial.

14) 15% of the American population – a new record – is now using food stamps.

15) More Americans have left the workforce than at any other time in 30 years.

16) The children of people who entered this country illegally are permitted lower-cost in-state college tuition, taking away spaces from Americans born in this nation.

Is this America anymore?

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I've written many words. Some of them have even made sense. Some of them have been spoken by actors in TV shows. Others have just been viewed and, likely, scoffed at. All the better. New Yorker at heart. Devotee of Jung. Skeptic. Lover of cinema. Authority defier.

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