What Is Ichabod’s Cranium?

Ichabod’s Cranium is the central hub for the myriad work of Lawrence Meyers.  If you’ve landed here, clearly you have a lot of time on your hands.  I’m just another dork with opinions, although I’ve been around long enough to become an expert in some things, while being humble enough to recognize that I’m just another dork with opinions.  I’m vociferous.  I’m forceful.  Sometimes I lack tact.

The trick to opinions is that I stand by them at the time I write them. However, times change.  Attitudes change.  Understanding changes.  I change.  What I think at the time I write something may not be the same thoughts I have days or weeks or years later.  Wisdom has made a fool out of me many times.

“Pumpkin Shots” are articles on public policy intended to inflame….like the flaming pumpkins the Headless Horseman chucks at ol’ Ichabod.  If you don’t like having pumpkins thrown at you with intent to decapitate, read something else.  Discussion is encouraged.

Those from New York may know the blog’s title comes from Washington Irving’s short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Please take a moment to appreciate the Disney-style drawing of that story’s protagonist, Ichabod Crane, drawn by my talented pal John Barrile.

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